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Balloon care advice

Balloons shrivel in the cold and expand in the heat, therefore we do recommend that all balloons are kept indoors at room 

temperature, and away from any direct heat source or sunlight.


Balloons are balloons and they do require care when handling, be sure to take care whilst transporting and make sure any air filled displays are placed on a flat, not grit surface or floor..


If you do have a balloon with a fault, please make sure you contact the store within 24hours of collecting your order and we can arrange a replacement or refund in this case after checking item over.

For anyone who pre orders, these are inflated in advance so that we can rule out any faults.


Once the balloons leave the store we cannot take responsibility for them if you pop them.


Latex balloons– Standard latex typically last 9-12 hours, if you need them to last slightly longer than this please chat to one of our members of staff to discuss options.  Please take this into mind when ordering latex.


Approx lifespan

Confetti balloons– Last 6-8 hours

Foil balloons 3-5 days

Bubble balloons approx. 14 days


For any reason you cancel your order we will only offer instore credit valid for 12 months, or to hold stock for 6 months from the orginal pick up date.

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